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About Me

Harold is a skilled professional in the handyman industry with over 25years experience in construction both residential and commercial. He has a passion for building relationships in his community and is committed to member satisfaction. Having remodeled his own homes, Harold has learned the art of proper planning and scheduling for his members to benefit. Harold is a proud husband & step father.

After losing my job of 22 years I was looking for a job but hoped to escape the trapped feeling of an 8 to 5 schedule. Because of Yellow Van Handyman I now enjoy the feeling of knowing my future is in my control and not the hands of an accountant that doesn’t realize there is a heartbeat behind an employee number. Owning a HomeTask Brand of Service, I can now be in business for myself but not by myself and the sense of security that gives me is huge.

I seek to improve the lives of my members by providing security in knowing that a job will be performed by a member of their community, and that the work completed will be of the highest standards. I do not have a favorite repair job because I truly enjoy almost all aspects of my profession. If you do what you love then you will never have to work a day in your life. I would have to say where I excel is in identifying a member’s needs and seeing that those needs are met.

A common repair request I receive is to repair my member’s ceiling fans. One of the most unusual repair requests I have received was when I was called out to replace a light bulb in a table lamp. When my members refer me for work I have done, I feel great! I know the referral came from a satisfied member who feels confident in introducing me to a family member or friend. To be recommended means you have earned trust from the member.

Service Area

Savannah, GA

My Address:
10 Colonel Estill Drive
Savannah , GA 31406

Live Member Feedback:

Will use again
Overall experience
  • Harold was wonderful... I would definitely recommend him as well as hometask.com!
  • very friendly and knowledgeable. Worked in a timely manner and was clean. Did a great job.
  • Harold was great. He got our basketball hoop up quickly, and did a great job.
  • Nice man and well-mannered. He installed 3 motion detector lights (two flood lights on each unit) for our back and side yard. One of the floods on one of the units is not working. We will have to call to have them come back and finish the job.
  • A really nice & helpful gentleman! I will call him again.
  • In the coupon it should have mentioned that in some areas there may be a charge for entering a gated community.
  • Very versatile! Put in a new ceiling light for me AND repaired my leaky kitchen sink. Bravo!

  • Response: I truly enjoyed working for Mrs. Smith. She was more than patient and kind as well. I hope to help her again soon. Thanks so much! Harold Glover. Yellow Van Handyman, Savannah GA

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