HomeTask Associate Service Providers


We're sorry, this is from people with big desks & nice suits (aka: lawyers)...

In order to maintain the quality of our database, we charge a small monthly fee for membership and to present Associate's information to customers in their area. The monthly fee is determined by the services that a provider chooses to offer (Associates can select multiple services).

Associate Service Providers are required to review, accept and approved the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

HomeTask is focused on building great services businesses worldwide. We will not present Associates in regions where we have preferred service providers with the same service. This gets complicated because we offer such a wide variety of services in so many markets. The Associate relationship with HomeTask and HTN is not exclusive nor is it guaranteed or promised to continue. The best way for Associates to ensure their information continues to be displayed on HomeTask.com is to join one of the Brands approved as a preferred HTN Provider.

Associate Service Provider
Becoming an Associate Service Provider is simple, quick and inexpensive. If you provide great service, then sign up now. Associate Service Providers enjoy the benefit of reaching thousands of customers in need of service in their region through HomeTask.

Preferred Service Provider
To become a Preferred Service Provider with HomeTask, you must be associated with another brand of service that is already pre-approved as a HomeTask Service Network (HTN) provider.

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